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    Gymnasia №315
    spesializing in foreign languages
    spesializing in foreign languages
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    School Birthday

    День рождения школы
         Among great quantity of events, holded in school, school Birthday is the most outstanding. It is splash of ideas, fantasies and talents of pupils, parents and teachers.

         School Birthday falls on last Saturday of November, in this day (1994) school was left alone with its problems and holidays by last builder. День рождения школы

         All habitants of the school have interesting business in this day, all will obligatory be as artists and spectators.

         Sport competitions conducted for the most youngest, after that they may watch performance of 5 - 6 form-boys on show-programmes "Klip - Klip - Klip" or "Old story in a new way".

    День рождения школы      Then pupils of 7th forms show its skills. For these years the best were the following concours shows:

    • "Fashion - in school",
    • "We are barbers to itsself".

         If for pupils of 5-7 forms programme is constantly changing, so for 8th, 9-11th forms these are traditional concours.These are favorite concours CQS, Miss and Mister

    C O M E R C I A L
    adamant Nline
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