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    Gymnasia №315
    Gymnasia №315
    spesializing in foreign languages
    spesializing in foreign languages
    Юнеско Юнеско
    Contest of the sharpest and quickest

        School's Birthday is the feast among great number of events held in our school. If is the splash of new ideas, fantasies and talents of students, their parents and teachers. The holiday is presented by the most popular students' contest - 'CSQ', 'Miss & Mister School 315'.

         The 8th form students take part in CSQ (contest of the sharpest and quickest). The theme of the latest contest was 'Jubilee'. The club's teams were to prepare a greeting 'congratulations', questions for adversary and hometask 'we wish you.'. The captains (leasers) of the teams were to discuss a theme 'If I were a director.'.

         The teams were excellent. The audience laughed and applauded much. If was very difficult for jury to choose a winner. There were 4 grades to compete in humor that time. All the participants were brilliant, but the 8th grade A was the best. Anyway, all the teams were presented with stationery, and winners had a big tasty cake.

    C O M E R C I A L
    adamant Nline
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