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    Gymnasia №315
    Gymnasia №315
    spesializing in foreign languages
    spesializing in foreign languages
    Юнеско Юнеско
    Methodical work

      In search of new style and its own system of methodical work, pedagogical collective has passed not so long, but very interesting way putting together new and traditional, that have been working for many years, and that, what was at first created in our school.

      Among traditional and well-known forms of methodical work target seminars and workshops, roundtables and pedconferences, tutorship and pedagogical student trainings came in practice. A new methodical forms of work in school were:

    1. Weeks of methodical unions;
    2. Months of up-to-date pedagogical experience and young teacher;
    3. Subject festivals.

      Methodical unions of teachers refused to conduct subject decades and offered weeks of MU, during what conducted the following:

    1. Scientific conferences and round tables with different scientific themes and problems of different perfomance methods;
    2. Exhibitions of methodical developments of teachers of MU, ideas trade;
    3. Open lessons of MU teachers with further discussion and working out recommendations, as concerning work of single teachers, so concerning trends of MU work;

      ith aim of learning experience of work of the best, the most experienced school teachers in the first decade of year "Month of master of pedagogical work" is conducted, during this month teachers-methodologists, senior teachers, MU chairmen give an open lessons, and also educational events conducted. Month of young teacher is conducted in the second decade of year. Open lessons of young teachers, problems' discussion, which raising during process of work in school, events, which help to reduce quantity of white dirt.

      Conducting subject festival of faculty of foreign literature was a last innovation of metodical work of last educational year. Main actions were:

    1. Literary evenings devoted to 200th anniversary of A.S. Pushkin birthday (10 forms);
    2. Readers' concours (5-7 forms);
    3. Knights' tournament - original concours of experts on foreign literature (8-9 forms);
    4. Brain-ring, devoted to Pushkin works;
    5. Musical-literary evening "Pushkin and music" (11 form)

    Gutman Z.А.
    Manageress of Gymnasia №315

    C O M E R C I A L
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