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    Gymnasia №315
    Gymnasia №315
    spesializing in foreign languages
    spesializing in foreign languages
    Юнеско Юнеско
    Scientific union of Pupils "Source".
    1. Common regulations.
        Scientific union of Pupils "Source". (SUP) is structure subdivision of Kyiv territorial department of Small Ukrainian Academy of Sciences "Researcher" and pupils' selfgovernment of specialized school №315 of Kyiv.
        SUP - creative union of pupils of 5-11 forms, what guarantee their intellectual and mental development, prepareness to active activity in the sphere of science and give support to self-definition in the future profession.
        SUP attracts pupils to systematic scientific research, exterritorial work, from the following subjects: history, law, foreign philosophy, mathematics and information science, physics and biology, chemistry and geography, psychology and so on.
        Main tasks of SUP "Source" are:
  • Revelation, development and support talented and gifted pupils;
  • Creating conditions for improvement of creative pupils' activeness, development their talents to independent research activity;
  • Fundamenting pupils' knowledge from different branches of natural and humanitarian sciences;
  • Development additional education in a way of engaging in mathematical scientific-research, experimental and inventive work in different spheres of science;
  • Organization and search ways for realization of moral and material stimulation of the best pupils;
  • Propaganda scientific pupils' researches.

  •     SUP "Source" in its work is guided by official standing of Small Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and scientific pupils' societies of Ukraine, and its standing was sat up by order №35 of Ministry of Education of Ukraine from 11.02.1994, by operating legislation, and statute of specialized school №315 of Kyiv.
    2. Structure and organizational principles of activity of SUP "Source".
        SUP "Source" - is structure subdivision of SAS "Source" and pupils' selfgovernment. It covers pupils from 5-11 forms.
        Pupils of 8-9 forms - listeners SAS - pupils, who wish to be engage in research-scientific activity.
        Candidates of SAS can become pupils of 9-10 forms, who have showed interest to creative activity, present their works as listeners of SAS during classes, conferences, olimpiads, who are winners of olimpiads.
        Leading body of SUP "Source" is pupils' scientific council, sittings of what are conducted each month.
        Counsil is elected on the conference, which is conducted onthe in year.
        Staff of pupils' scientific counsil: president counsil and sections' guiders.
        Pupil's scientific council is guided by deputy principle from scientific work and metodical school council.
        Of necessity general sittings of scientific pupils' concil and methodical school council are conducted.
        President of pupils' council is member of scientific-methodical school council.

    Sections and study groups of SUP "Source"

     Section or study groupLeader
    1.History and lawBessarab Nonna Sergeevna specialist of the highest category, laureate of city concours "Teacher of a year", permanent author of the journal "History in schools of Ukraine".
    2.Ukrainian Language and literatureOleynik Nadejda Petrocna - teacher-methodologist.
    3.Mathematics and information sciencesPastuh Ludmila Maximovna - teacher-methodologist, A-student of national education of Ukraine.
    4.Natural sciences (chemistry, physics, biology and astronomy)Lisnichuk Natalya Viktorovna - teacher of the first category. Bobrulko Natalya Grigorievna - teacher of the first category.
    5.Turistic-regional-historical study groupPindura Irina Petrovna - teacher of the second category, leader of Turistic-regional-hystorical work.
    6.Foreign languageZaharova Margarita Yurievna - specialist of highest category, school manageress
    Rudenko Nina Dmitrievna - senior teacher

    Works of SUP "Source"

        Prize-winners of city round of Small Academy of Sciences

    1. Gusak Andrey - 10-Г form, section - law, scientific advisors - Bessarab N. S., Gusak M.B. - ІІ place.

    2. Sikorskiy Sergey - 9-Г form, section - astronomy, scientific advisors - Losiychuk O.G., Maximovna N.M. - ІІІ place.

    3. Pribega Alexey - 11-В form, section - ukrainian literature, scientific advisor - Budchenko M.I. - ІІІ place.

    4. Bernik Radan - 10-Б form, section - ukrainian literature, scientific advisor - Horozova O.M., Drugova M.F. - ІІІ place.

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