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    Gymnasia №315
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    spesializing in foreign languages
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    School holidays

    Первый звонок - 1997 год     September 1 - meeting with school,  teachers,  friends. Holiday of the "First Ring".  On this holiday there are so a lot of guests: parents of pupils, Первый звонок - 1996 годschool friends, our former pupils, representatives of Harkiv district administration body of Kyiv, guests from regional and city educational departments. Congratulations are sounded, and also directions to teachers and pupils.   The first ring rings and educational year begins.

          In the school a great variety of different events are conducted. Some of them traditional for all schools, other belong only to our school.
         Celebration of  "Teacher's day" is accompanied with beatiful exhibition "Gold Autumn", and also with a concert, in what after long summer rest all forms want to participate.

        Among great variety of events, which take place in school, the most outstanding and favorite is a holiday of School birthday. It is a splash of ideas, talents and fantasies of all pupils, parents and of cource teachers. It is the most favorite concourses for all CSQ, Miss and mister

    Праздник Наума After School Birthday, when we give due to creativity, the day comes when we celebrate day of Naum - December 14. In this day our small a-pupils from primary school awared with "gold" medals, pupils of secondary school are awarded with honours, and pupils of high school are ordained into masters of science.

         Parting with ABC-book - Прощание с букварем the first holiday of smallest pupils, then in school begins preparedness to New Year. Traditionally lastyear pupils prepare for celebrating New Year . In this year 8 and 10 forms joined them. They showed a kind New Year fairy tale for small pupils, in which children helped to find Santa, rescue their teachers and of course dance by themselves. For secondary school (8-А form together with a form-guider Bessarab Nona Sergeevna) prepare mime - story "Queen - Frog". New surprise waited for pupils of high school - concert of ukrainian singer Lina Scachko.

         Just after holidays, school invites parents on last friday of January, Выставка для родителей traditional concert "All stars are here". On the way to concert hall guests may watch creative exhibitions on which the best pupils' works are represented. And at the concert parents will see the most interesting and talented works. In a week after great parents' reception school will organize reception of a rather smaller size - reception of graduates. For them we make a mini concert, and graduates take part in this concert. They say that it gives their an opportunity to feel themselves as children again for whom others worry and love.

         February and March are tightly connected with names of two pillars of science, ukrainian and russian, - Pushkin and Shevchenko. In these days conducted different competitions of experts of their works and lifes of great people of two nations.

         February 14 - the day before it all school wait impatiently, and in this day all enamored and good friends send to each other valentines. School post hasn't time to process all incoming correspondence and deliver it to the recpient.

        On first spring holiday teachers show their skill in creation of home comfort: someone brings embroidery, someone wattled napkins, bound goods. To point all talents of our teachers is too difficult, cause we are masters with magical hands.

         April it is a month, which unites in itself different events from humouring (April 1) to day of sorrow(April 26 - Chernobil!!!); Последний звонок - 1998 год from sport competitions to day of health to building school on day of civil defence.

        May is the most hottest month in school, what we dedicate to education, cause there are less and less time for getting good marks. Year is ended very ruefully and at the same time gaily with line of parting with school and graduate evening.

    Выпускной вечер      To smooth over tediousness of official part of graduation evening, we have decided to break ancient tradition to award with diplomas in ABC consequence. And now we make it comply with different nominations uniting in its graduates from all three forms. It gives its own results, because graduates and their parents do not know to what nomination they belong to and of course they with interest watch the events on Выпускной вечер the stage.
         So all holidays in year have finished. They were so a lot and so different. But they do not bound the work of school collective. There are humdrum with its own small not traditional holidays, victories and defeats. Mini CQS take place from different subjects, brain-ring, quizez. Book of school records is filled up. Different studios, study groups and sections work. Interesting people are invited, lections and talks are held.

    C O M E R C I A L
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