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    Українська Англійська Francais Deutch
    Gymnasia №315
    Gymnasia №315
    spesializing in foreign languages
    spesializing in foreign languages
    Юнеско Юнеско
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    СШ 315

      Spesialized school № 315 of Harkiv's region in Kyiv took its first pupils in 1994. School learn to four following languages: ukrainian (main), english (foreign language, that is an obligatory subject for all pupils of all forms starting from the first form), french, deutsch, russian (second foreign, one of those which children learned to, starting from 7 form).

      n school created 4 forms with thoroughly learning of math. Pupils of these forms were worthy during tests, exams, olimpiads.

      School got in contact with institute of microbiology NAS Ukraine, NTUU, NU named by T.G Shevchenko, NPU named by M.P. Dragomanov. The most fruitful was cooperation with pedagogical university, for which school became basic. Teachers of math participate in implementing in practice of textbooks and manuals and its reviewing. Constantly working practice for students, future teachers works on school basement.

      Much attention is focused on qualification improvement of pedagogical staff. Reasoning system of staff qualification improvement in school, conditions created for creative development of teacher gave positive results. During 5 years of work title of
      "teacher-methodologist" - got 7 teachers ,
      "senior teacher" - got 5 teachers
      "highest qualification category" - got 7 teachers
       "1 qualification category" - 14
      " 2 qualification category" - got 5 teachers

    Structure of 2003-04 educational year
        Dear parents and pupils 2003-2004 educational year has such structure:
    1st semester from September 1 to December 27 of 2003.
    2nd semester from January 12 to May 31 of 2004
    - autumn from November 3 to November 9 of 2003
    - winter from December 28 to January 12 of 2004
    - spring from March 24 to March 30 of 2004
        Ministry of education of Ukraine can make changes in structure. Holidays may be reduced in case of quarantine.
    Bells' schedule
    830 - 915      First lesson
    925 - 1010     Second lesson
    1030 - 1115  Third lesson
    1125 - 1210  Forth lesson
    1230 - 1315  Fifth lesson
    1325 - 1410  Sixth lesson
    1430 - 1515  Seventh lesson
    School schedule
    Lessons' schedule 5 -th forms
    5-а     5-б     5-в     5-г     5-д
    Lessons' schedule 6 -th forms
    6-а     6-б     6-в     6-г    
    Lessons' schedule 7 -th forms
    7-а     7-б     7-в     7-г     7-д    
    Lessons' schedule 8 -th forms
    8-а     8-б     8-в     8-г     8-д    
    Lessons' schedule 9 -th forms
    9-а     9-б     9-в     9-г     9-д     9-e     9-м    
    Lessons' schedule 10 -th forms
    10-а     10-б     10-в     10-г    
    Lessons' schedule 11 -th forms
    11-а     11-б     11-в     11-г    
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