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    Gymnasia №315
    Gymnasia №315
    spesializing in foreign languages
    spesializing in foreign languages
    Юнеско Юнеско
    School theatre "Step in a future"

         School theatre "Step in a future" was founded in September 2000.
    Producer - Rudneva Olena Ivanivna.
    Actors of theatre:
    Театр 1.Kostenko Ludmila
    2.Kuzmenko Marina
    3.Karpec Olexandr
    4.Karpenko Mikola
    5.Litvinchuk Lesya
    6.Limarenko Anastasiya
    7.Loskun Olena
    8.Tolyupa Olexandr
    9.Travkin Artem
    10.Kashparevich Anastasiya
    11.kravchenko Natalya
         Premiere of first performance of school theatre was in December of 2000. To spectators was performed a play by a play of Vasiliy Sologub "Trouble from gentle heart".
         It was a play a bout rich and naive young men Olexandr, for his money all girls of Saint-Petersburg hunt. And only faced-up bankrupcy of his mother helps to define, who really love him.
    Театр Characters in play:
    Darins Semenivna Boyarkina - Savchenko Irina
    Mariya Petrivna (her daughter) - Limarenko Anastasiya
    Anastasiya Pavlivna (niece of Boyarkina) - Shmatoluyk Olga
    Olena Mihalovna Zolotnikova - Tkachenko Yuliya
    Olexandr (her son) - Karpenko Mikola
    Agrafena Tihonovna Kubirkina - Loskun Olena
    Katerina Ivanivna (her daughter) - Kostenko Ludmila
    Servant - Kuzmenko Marina

         A play "Tomorrow we will leave home" by the play of Y. Shekochihin "Lark hovers between sky and earth". Premiere have taken place on May of 2001. Play shows one of the most painful problem - youth drug addiction.
    Театр Characters in play:
    Nataliya Petrivna (teacher) - Tkachenko Yuliya
    Vira Haritonivna (school principle) - Toluypa Olexandr
    Terehov - Travkin Artem
    Olexander's mother - Limarenko Anastasiya
    Lebedeva - Kostenko Ludmila
    Kate - Loskun Olena
    Alice - Kashparevich Anastasiya
    Rita - Limarenko Anastasiya
    Yulya - Kuzmenko Marina
    Sveta - Litvinchuk Lesya
    Kesha - Karpec Olexandr
    Leopoldov(Lyopa) - Karpenko Kolya


         New year story. A gaily play about Baba Yaga, who doesn't want new year to become. But Snowqueen with a friends prevent it.

    Characters in play:

    Snow queen - Limarenko Anastasiya
    Snowflakes - Kuzmenko Marina, Romanovskaya Anna
    Snowmen - Karpenko Mikola
    Baba yaga - Loskun Olena
    Forester - Shidenko Maxim, Fecun Vadim
    Kikimora - Kashparevich Anastasiya
    Snowgirl - Kuzmenko Marina

    C O M E R C I A L
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