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    Gymnasia №315
    Gymnasia №315
    spesializing in foreign languages
    spesializing in foreign languages
    Юнеско Юнеско
    Statute of parliament

    Article 1.

    1. Pupils and teachers of school №315 are participants of school selfgoverment.

    Article 2.

    1. Stirring up of social life, upbringing sense of collectivism and own responsibility, strengthening conscious discipline, development of social thinking of pupils are goals of the selfgoverment.
    2. Parliament is guided by principles of voluntaryism, creative activity and initiative of pupils.

    Article 3.

    1. Parliament has its own balance, banknotes (shulers).

    Article 4.

    1. Parliament is the highest administrative body of parliament. It consist of 7 persons, who elected by school Conference.
    2. Parliament has right to make decisions by itself concerning fundamental questions of selfgoverment activity.
    3. Parliament is accountable to school Conference. Term of office - 1 educational year. School conference has right to dissolve Parliament before the appointed time. This decision has strength, if it gathers no less than two thirds of voices. In this case school President, no more than in a week, approved a new Parliament staff. A new created Parliament performs its functions over time, what is left, but no more than to the end of educational year.
    4. Regulations of Parliament, approved by President, are obligatory for execution.
    5. Each member of Parliament has the vote.

    Article 5.

    1. President is a highest official of selfgoverment and Parliament chairman. President and Vice-president are chosen by school Conference.

    2. President has right to solve tasks of current work of Parliament independently.
    3. Vice-president executes duties of President, if President for some reasons can't executes own duties. President and vicepresident have votes in Ministry.
    4. In the case when vice-president executes duties of President, he gets the full authority.
    5. President and vice-president sign Parliament regulations. Only after that it comes into force.
    6. Term of office of the President and vice-president - 1 year (educational). School Conference has right to express a vote of no-confidence to President, what has strength, if it gathers no less than two thirds of voices. Otherwise, vice-president executes duties of President to election of new President, no more than in a week. A new President performs its functions over time, what is left, but no more than to the end of educational year.
    7. Regulations of President are obligatory for execution.

    Article 6.

    1. At school Conference independent control commission is existed, staff of which is approved by Conference. This commision check President, vice-president and Parliament activity.
    2. If commission find infringements it informs about it school Conference.

    Article 7.

    1. National bank is pertained to parliament, it adds own banknotes to class collectives:
        а) participation in competitions, concourses, games: I place - 20 shulers, ІІ- place - 15 shulers, ІІІ-place - 5 shulers;
        b)   for school duty - from 0 to 20 shulers;
        c)  for participation in allschool events - 3 shulers to each class representative, but no more than 15 shulers;
        d)  for participation in school, subject Olimpiads - 2 shulers;
        e)  for participation in regional, subject competitions, concources, games, concerts - to each participant for prize place - from 3 to 5 shulers;
        f)  for newspaper concourses, what are held in days of subject weeks: for the I place - 15,ІІ - 10, ІІІ - 5 shulers;
        g)  for doing useful things for school, district after classes - 15 shulers;
        h) for class, that hadn't missed lessons without any important reasons, at the end of each term - 10 shulers.
    2. National bank withdraw from class account money for the following things:
      1. а) for no participation in competitions, concourses, games etc. - 20 shulers;
        b)  for infringement of discipline at the lessons, breaks -15 shulers;
        c)  for infringement - 30 shulers;
        d)  for each lateness at the lesson -5 shulers;
        e)  for each missed lesson, without any important reason - 10 shulers,
        f)  for nonperticipation in newspaper, bulletin competitions, exhibitions of pictures - 5 shulers.

    Article 8.

    1. The present statute come into force and is obligatory for execution from the moment of its adoption by school Conference.
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